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Weaving Shadows by Margaret Murphy

Weaving Shadows

Weaving Shadows Traumatized by her recent experience as a kidnap victim, Clara Pascal is trying hard to keep the shadows of the past at bay.  Her marriage is suffering, as is her relationship with her daughter. Her criminal law caseload has slowed to a trickle, and she’s barely getting by with the family law cases … Weaving Shadows Read More...

Darkness Falls by Margaret Murphy

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls CLARA PASCAL HAS IT ALL She’s beautiful, successful and a devoted mother. People want to be her. THEN IT’S SNATCHED AWAY Now, robbed of everything that gives her life meaning, she lies chained to the stone wall of a dark cellar – without food, warmth, or sleep, without even the most basic communication. HER ABDUCTOR … Darkness Falls Read More...