Don't Scream

Don’t Scream – a brand new novel. The third in the Detective Jeff Rickman series, set in Liverpool.

A drugs war rages in Liverpool and beatings and reprisal attacks escalate to murder when a young mother is found dead in her home and her baby is missing. Tasked with the investigation, Rickman brings in DS Lee Foster, who has supported him through his darkest times, and Naomi Hart, an intelligent young detective whose delicate looks belie her toughness. As the trail leads to the children’s home where Foster spent most of his childhood, Rickman’s murder investigation and the drugs case converge and frictions between the two investigative teams mount, hampering enquiries on both sides.

Published 8th December 2020.


“One of those tough, gritty crime novels that burrows under your skin and won’t leave you alone until you flip the last page — crisp writing, vivid characters, a bullet train plot, and a nerve-jangling aura of menace.” Richard Montanari

“This is a book of which it could justifiably be said, ‘As good as Ian Rankin, or your money back’.” Phil Rickman, Phil the Shelf, Radio Wales

“A chilling tale of murder, mystery and intrigue set in the murky underworld of Liverpool.” Big Issue

“Murphy has steadily established herself as one of England’s best crime novelists and this latest book is another tough, convincing tale with strong characters and believable police work. Recommended.” Jeff Popple, Canberra Times