Book publication: Before He Kills Again

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My brand new novel, Before He Kills Again, will be published later in July! Keep an eye out here, and on social media, for updates.

A serial rapist prowls the streets of Liverpool. He has taken seven victims so far – mostly working girls. He leaves no trace of himself, and the toll is mounting. DC Cassie Rowan, working undercover, has gained the trust of the street girls, but the investigation stalls, and emboldened by the apparent impotence of the police, the ‘Furman’ abducts his next victim and tortures her over several days before releasing her. The next girl he takes isn’t so lucky ­– she turns up dead, and he shows no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile, psychotherapist Alan Palmer has recently returned to work to after a devastating mistake which ended with his young daughter witnessing a mentally scarring tragedy. Desperate to restore his little girl’s mental health, mend the rift in his marriage, and rebuild his practice, Palmer is troubled by growing concerns over a young patient with obsessive and paranoid tendencies, whom he suspects is stalking fellow students.

After a TV appeal yields a name, Rowan is convinced that he is the attacker and tracks him down to Alan Palmer, but finds herself at odds with both Palmer and her bosses. Can she find the Furman before he kills again?