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Margaret Murphy

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I write psychological novels, most of which have been published worldwide. Just out from Joffe Books is Darkness Falls, the first in the Clara Pascal series. This series is set in the pretty Roman-walled city of Chester in north west England, right on the Welsh border. Keep a look out, too, for the Rickman & Foster series which has the grittier urban setting of Liverpool as a backdrop. And I have another two brand new novels almost ready to go: the third in the Rickman & Foster series, and the first in a brand new series (more on these two projects soon!).  My novels have been shortlisted for the ‘First Blood’ critics award and CWA Dagger in the Library, and I am a CWA Short Story Dagger and Red Herring award winner. Feel free to explore – and do keep in touch via the contacts page, or social media – I love to hear from readers!

Margaret Murphy


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My books

See Her Burn - front cover of the book by Margaret Murphy

See Her Burn

See Her Burn PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOK WAS FIRST PUBLISHED AS “THE DISPOSSESSED” (Detective Jeff Rickman Book 1) A woman’s body is found stuffed inside a wheelie bin. Naked. Drained of blood. Thrown out like trash. Detective Jeff Rickman is on the case. Within hours, the police have their prime suspect....

Darkness Falls by Margaret Murphy

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls CLARA PASCAL HAS IT ALL She’s beautiful, successful and a devoted mother. People want to be her. THEN IT’S SNATCHED AWAY Now, robbed of everything that gives her life meaning, she lies chained to the stone wall of a dark cellar – without food, warmth, or sleep, without even the...

Weaving Shadows by Margaret Murphy

Weaving Shadows

Weaving Shadows Amy Dennis is beaten to death with a hammer in her own home. Her baby is asleep upstairs. A custody battle now rages between Amy’s family and the baby’s father, a married man. A CASE CLARA CAN’T REFUSE Clara Pascal is struggling to put her life back together after...


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