Books by Margaret Murphy

The Lost Boy by Margaret Murphy

The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD BOY IS FOUND IN HIS PAJAMAS WANDERING THE STREETS. WHAT’S HE SO TERRIFIED OF? Jenny Campbell promised her husband, Fraser, that they would take a break from fostering. But the plight of a small boy found wandering the streets of Garston in just his nightclothes proves impossible to ignore. TAKING […]

The Scarecrow Killer by Margaret Murphy

The Scarecrow Killer

The Scarecrow Killer A body swinging in the trees. A mysterious hit and run. Rumours of a voodoo curse. Detective Cassie Rowan tackles the most disturbing case of her career. The Scarecrow Killer opens at dawn on a clear October morning. Driving home along the M62 to Liverpool after a gruelling night duty, Cassie’s headlights […]

The Darkest Hours by Margaret Murphy

The Darkest Hours

The Darkest Hours In the darkest hours, he will come for you. Two women are missing, snatched by a prowler in the night. Brilliant psychologist Christine Radcliffe fears she may be next. Or at least that’s what she tells Detective Alan Jameson. But Jameson already has the prime suspect in his sights  — and it’s someone much […]

Dying Embers by Margaret Murphy

Dying Embers

Dying Embers SHE’LL STOP AT NOTHING TO SAVE HER STUDENTS. BUT WHO WILL PROTECT HER? In the heart of the city, a burnt-out house hides a grim secret. A smouldering corpse . . . A golden boy gone wrong . . . —surrounded by the drug paraphernalia that killed him. The boy’s identity shocks the […]

Don't Scream by Margaret Murphy

Don’t Scream

Don’t Scream Don’t Scream – a brand new novel. The third in the Detective Jeff Rickman series, set in Liverpool. A drugs war rages in Liverpool and beatings and reprisal attacks escalate to murder when a young mother is found dead in her home and her baby is missing. Tasked with the investigation, Rickman brings […]

Her Husband’s Killer by Margaret Murphy

Her Husband’s Killer

Her Husband’s Killer DID SHE OR DIDN’T SHE? She’d planned the perfect murder of her husband so many times. And now he’s dead. But did she really kill him? Dr Helen Wilkinson stands over the body of her husband, Edward. It’s just as she’d imagined it so many times before. He looks calm, asleep almost. And […]

Dear Mum by author Margaret Murphy

Dear Mum

Dear Mum Shortlisted for the First Blood Award. A Sunday Times ‘Christmas Cracker’ “A story of searing suspense and terror . . . thoroughly engrossing and one of the best books of the year. Read it.” Tangled Web A MOTHER’S WORST NIGHTMARE — JUST GOT WORSE It’s been six months since Kate’s twelve-year-old daughter Melanie disappeared. […]

See Her Die by Margaret Murphy

See Her Die

See Her Die (Detective Jeff Rickman book 2) A WOMAN VANISHES BUT DID SHE EVER EXIST? Megan Ward goes missing and suspicion falls on the stalker seen outside her house. Detective Jeff Rickman is brought in to investigate – it should be a simple missing person case. Megan Ward is a complete anomaly. No photos, no passport, […]

Before He Kills Again by Margaret Murphy- book cover

Before He Kills Again

Before He Kills Again (Detective Cassie Rowan book 1) “Pace, taut plotting and great characterisation from the first page. Add humour and some wonderful one liners and you have a popular novel with depth.” —Sunday Times bestseller Ann Cleeves CAN CASSIE STOP A SERIAL PREDATOR BEFORE HE KILLS AGAIN? A serial predator stalks the streets of Liverpool. Seven victims so far. […]

See Her Burn - front cover of the book by Margaret Murphy

See Her Burn

See Her Burn (Detective Jeff Rickman Book 1) A woman’s body is found stuffed inside a wheelie bin. Naked. Drained of blood. Thrown out like trash. Detective Jeff Rickman is on the case. Within hours, the police have their prime suspect. And it’s Rickman himself. Elsewhere, a cruel prank ends with four innocent people burnt to death. […]

Darkness Falls by Margaret Murphy

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls CLARA PASCAL HAS IT ALL She’s beautiful, successful and a devoted mother. People want to be her. THEN IT’S SNATCHED AWAY Now, robbed of everything that gives her life meaning, she lies chained to the stone wall of a dark cellar – without food, warmth, or sleep, without even the most basic communication. HER ABDUCTOR […]

Weaving Shadows by Margaret Murphy

Weaving Shadows

Weaving Shadows Amy Dennis is beaten to death with a hammer in her own home. Her baby is asleep upstairs. A custody battle now rages between Amy’s family and the baby’s father, a married man. A CASE CLARA CAN’T REFUSE Clara Pascal is struggling to put her life back together after being the victim of a […]