Before He Kills Again

(Detective Cassie Rowan book 1)

Pace, taut plotting and great characterisation from the first page. Add humour and some wonderful one liners and you have a popular novel with depth.” Sunday Times bestseller Ann Cleeves


serial predator stalks the streets of Liverpool. Seven victims so far. And he’s already chosen the next.

The police can’t catch him. He leaves no trace. No one has been able to provide a reliable description.

Detective Cassie Rowan goes undercover in a dangerous game of cat and mouse through the teeming backstreets of Liverpool. But how long will it be before he turns the tables and begins hunting her?

PRAISE FOR Before He Kills Again

Chosen as a Top Ten Summer Read 2020 by Crime Squad

“Murphy blends fascinating psychology, well-drawn and researched investigative procedure, with multi-layered characters to make for a mindblowing, page-turning tale to keep you up late into the night.” —Shannon Kirk, International Bestselling Author of Method 15/3

Before He Kills Again is set on the dark side of Liverpool, atmospherically evoked by an author who knows this great city inside out. —Martin Edwards, Edgar-winning author of Mortmain Hall

Murphy has a keen eye for detail and an in-depth psychological knowledge of the trappings of a predatory killer and the inner workings of a struggling police force. It is these nuances that Murphy puts to excellent use in all of her fiction and makes her stand head and shoulders above her peers. —CrimeSquad

Margaret Murphy’s Before He Kills Again is a nail-biting crime thriller from a master storyteller. A dark, gritty and disturbing tale of vengeance, obsession and murder that will hold readers in thrall from the very first page. Cassie Rowan is a fantastic detective. Smart, intuitive and fearless, Cassie is one sleuth readers are going to love.” —Bookish Jottings

“It’s the combination of compelling action and meticulous research that sets Murphy apart – and they’re both very much in evidence here in this top notch crime thriller.” —Murder Underground blog

“One of the best, most meticulous and most underrated authors around is back with a bang.”           —

Starting from its powerful opening, readers will be hooked immediately with the powerful image Murphy creates . . . The start of a complex new series from this accomplished author. Highly Recommended.” —Auntie M Writes

A real nail-biter. Linda Strong (Goodreads)

“A captivating, intense and well-written police procedural . . . I appreciate characters who are independent thinkers.” —The Book Doctor

“This is the second Margaret Murphy book I have read (the first being Darkness Falls) and all I can say is ‘where have you been hiding?’ because I have definitely been missing out.” —Addicted To Books

“I most enjoyed the sudden plot twist which, although unexpected, made complete sense, the clues having been there throughout the book. A great start to a new series.” —Go Buy the Book (Vine Voice)

If you like gritty, fast paced, adrenaline pumping thrillers you will love this. There is little graphic description of the assaults so nothing to give you nightmares but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling.” —Books n All Promotions

“Cassie is a great new character, feisty and independent and the book portrays the struggle women can have in certain jobs these days.” —Shazza (Vine Voice)

There is an intensity to the whole narrative and at some points I was holding my breath and reading at a crazy speed to find out what was going to happen.” Like Herding Cats