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Margaret Murphy

Welcome to my website. 

You will find me in all my writing guises here – from psychological suspense to forensic and detective thrillers. Just click on the ‘My Books’ to find out more. Dead Man Walking, featuring DS Rick Turner, was published in September 2023. And now he’s back! Blood Debt is available for pre-order now, and will be released in paperback, kindle, and audio on 12th September. The series has also been optioned for TV adaptation. In Rick Turner’s second outing, gangs rampage unchecked across London and Rick is caught in the crossfire when a vigilante crew blunder into a major police operation. Speculated on by conspiracy theorists, mistrusted by his bosses, and targeted by a deadly enemy out for revenge on his brother, Sam, Rick must decide where his true loyalties lie. 

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You’re very welcome to have a rootle round while you’re here — I post writing tips, articles and book recommendations, as well as links to events and interviews. And do stay in touch via my social media!

Margaret Murphy

Coming soon

Blood Debt by M.K.Murphy

Blood Debt

As criminal gangs rampage unchecked across London, a secretive elite squad begins a campaign of action, delivering the guilty to the cops – along with all the evidence they need for a conviction..

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