Truth Will Out

(Fennimore & Simms book 3)

Truth Will Out by A. D. Garrett
A mother and daughter are snatched on their drive home from a cinema. The crime has a number of chilling similarities to a cold case Professor Nick Fennimore had been lecturing on. Then Fennimore begins receiving taunting messages – is he being targeted by the kidnapper? Meanwhile, a photograph emailed from Paris could bring Fennimore closer to discovering the fate of Suzie, his own daughter, now missing for six years. He seeks help from his old friend, DCI Kate Simms, recently returned from the US. But Kate is soon blocked from the investigation… A mother and child’s lives hang in the balance as Fennimore and Simms try to break through police bureaucracy to identify their abductor.

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Praise for Truth Will Out

‘I loved it. There’s so much going on here, but the story is told with such clarity and pace that the reader’s swept along without any question or hesitation.’
 Ann Cleeves

‘Simms and Fennimore are complex, compelling and just plain marvellous.’  Jeffery Deaver

‘The story, with its twists and turns, is deliciously intense, and unlike many crime series, in Truth Will Out, the characters are as important as the plot.’ Crime Review

‘Striking for its forensic detail and immaculate research.’ Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail

‘Intense, forensically chilling, and a masterclass in how to write a psychological police procedural.’ (View with caution: contains some spoilers)  FullyBooked2017

‘The novel is full of incidental pleasures.’ N.J. Cooper at Book Oxygen

‘Top notch crime fiction with two excellent main protagonists and a beautifully addictive flow.’ Liz Loves Books Amazon top 500 reviewer

‘If you know someone who would love a good mystery as a Christmas gift, then look no further.’ Peterborough Telegraph

‘You need to read this series! You will love it, as much as I do. Recommended!’ Northern Crime Chrissie M, Amazon top 1000

‘A fast-paced story, with . . . very intense, enthralling characterisation and plot.’ Jenna Medlicott Amazon top 1000

‘I loved Nick and Kate . . . Have they? Will they? Should they? I certainly wanted them to.’ Chapter In My Life

‘An absolute corker of a read.’ Rebecca Bradley Crime

‘Atmospheric, chilling, and full of suspense . . . will keep you guessing until the very end.’ Col’s Criminal Library

‘Complex plotting and rapid-fire pacing. Highly recommended.’ Auntie M Writes

‘A procedurally and forensically accurate thriller, held together by the unique and mercurial relationship of its two main characters. Recommended.’ Raven Crime Reads