Luckiest Girl Alive, by Jessica Knoll

Shelf Indulgence

Shelf Indulgence

This novel was recommended to me by two people within five minutes of each other. Nothing is certain, however, and one of the reasons I’m somewhat resistant to the current literary sensations is because they so often disappoint. Rest assured: Luckiest Girl Alive is as good as its hype. Compelling and harrowing, this tense debut also had some very funny moments. Ani is a twenty-something social climber, writing for a top fashion magazine, engaged to the man of her dreams, and well on her way to the perfect life. But she is haunted by terrible events that marred her teenage years.

Make no mistake: there’s some dark stuff going on here; this is a no punches pulled, Columbine-inspired story. But Ani tells it without self-pity, and with considerable wit – which is doubly impressive, given author revelations since the book’s publication. It is a terrific, thought-provoking adult read, brilliant for readers’ groups, and would make a superb discussion topic for Vth and VIth form students, too.

Now adapted for screen and a major Netflix release.

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