Tenkill, by Shannon Kirk

Shelf Indulgence

Shelf Indulgence review

I so enjoyed this Shelf Indulgence read! Greta Vinet Seville, E-Discovery and Deputy General Counsel at the international law firm of Coarse & Cotton, finds herself on the run after absconding with the data she needs to conduct an investigation into her own law company. She enlists an off-the-books, rag-tag ‘legal team’ including a genius litigation technology professional, a possibly psychopathic summer associate, an investigative reporter, a classical art restorer, Greta’s philosophy professor brother, and a compliance attorney at Tenkill who happens to be the (lost) love of Greta’s life.

I was lucky to receive an advance copy of the novel, and having read Shannon Kirk’s previous works, I expected a wild ride, packed with originality, humanity, and energy. Tenkill delivers on all counts. Kirk is an experienced attorney at law, and the legal authenticity of the novel rings as clear as a bell throughout her surreal and thrilling narrative. She manages her complex plot with facility and counterbalances moments of terror with perfectly judged humour or pathos. Add in a fast-paced delivery, smart, individualistic, snarky, funny characters, and you have a thriller that won’t let go until you turn the last page.

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