Viebury Grove by Shannon Kirk

Lisa is back! The heroine of Method 15/33 is all grown up and kick-ass cool. And in Viebury Grove, she is on a mission—so hold on tight—it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Lisa Yyland has an enviable ability to keep her emotions in check, even in the most stressful situations, to such an extent that she describes the process as akin to flicking a switch. That switch gives her the mental space to think, to anticipate, and to plot. It saved her life and gained Lisa her freedom in Method 15/33, the breathtaking opener to this series. In Viebury Grove she is as resourceful, calculating and clever as she was at sixteen – and with 18 years more experience, Lisa is a deadly force against evil. But even Lisa has vulnerabilities, not least her love for her family. Shannon Kirk plunges us into a disorienting and shocking first chapter chock full of horrifying action, providing us with a glimpse of the overwhelming power of emotions to debilitate.

From this visceral and shocking opening to the final chapter, Kirk’s writing has such energy, conviction and style, it’s irresistible.

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