Good Me, Bad Me, by Ali Land

Good Me, Bad, Me, by Ali Land

It’s not often a book keeps me up till after midnight; Good Me, Bad Me was one of the rare exceptions. It resulted in several late nights, in fact, as the story inched towards its awful conclusion. Here’s my Shelf Indulgence review.

The premise in itself is compelling: Annie, a serial killer’s daughter, reports her mother to the police. Desperate to save other children, she is equally desperate to save herself. But as the trial approaches, Annie, now in care under an assumed name and trying to build a new life, is targeted by school bullies, the worst and most inventively cruel of whom is her foster parents’ fifteen-year-old daughter.

Ali Land is a former mental health nurse who worked with children and young adults. She draws on her experience, creating a dark and suspenseful novel which is psychologically powerful and moving.

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