Alone, by Lisa Gardner

Shelf Indulgence review

In this Shelf Indulgence review, Lisa Gardner opens the action with Massachusetts State Trooper, Bobby Dodge, training his rifle sights on an armed man who is holding his own wife and child hostage. But when Bobby ‘takes a life to save two lives’, he finds himself alone – pitted against a powerful judge from a wealthy Bostonian family – for the dead man was Judge Gagnon’s son, and he is set on taking custody of his sickly grandson away from his daughter-in-law, Catherine, even if it means ruining Dodge’s reputation and his career. Then, when key players in the case start turning up dead, Bobby finds himself implicated.

Is Catherine Gagnon a femme fatale or a wronged woman? Is she harming her child or protecting him? And can she stay one step ahead of the monster, recently released from prison, who has haunted her dreams since her harrowing abduction as a child? Alone is a thrilling and exciting read – I tore through it, eager for each new revelation.

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